How will your product stand the test of time? The best way to make sure that your product is going to meet high quality standards and will satisfy customers is to go through a series of tests. It is fairly easy to conduct tests to see how well your product will withstand shock. However, exposure to sunlight and weather is more difficult to test.

It is possible to see how exposure to sunlight and to the element will affect your product, thanks to a process known as UV ray testing. It is not possible to reproduce the exact conditions your products will go through over the years, but exposing a product to high quantities of UV rays is the closest you can get.
UV ray testing can be done on a wide range of products, including plastic, organic materials or ink, since these materials are more likely to become damaged as a result of weatherization. Special UV ray bulbs are used to see how sunlight would cause fading, peeling, cracking and other issues over the course of many years.

Temperature and humidity levels can also be adjusted to create different environmental conditions. This is a good way to see how the combination of sunlight and weather would affect your product over the years, especially if you are selling a product that is meant to be used outdoors.

If you have products to test for weatherization, you should look for a reliable lab that offers UV ray testing. Find out more about the bulbs and other equipment used to conduct the tests and ask what kind of products this lab has experience with. You should also ask if the lab can use temperatures and humidity levels to create different environmental conditions. Conducting this type of tests is important since you will get a better idea of how well the products you sell will stand the test of time.