Testing a product before selling it is very important since this is the best way to detect any quality issues. Testing your product’s resistance to shock or humidity is fairly easy, but how can you measure your product’s resistance to weather and sunlight?

The best way to see how long your product will last outdoors and how well it will withstand the elements is to use UV ray testing. This method consists in exposing a product to highly concentrated UV rays thanks to special light bulbs. Different types of bulbs can be used to create a wide range of conditions and simulate years of exposure to sunlight.

Some labs can also create different conditions by using temperature and humidity to simulate the changing weather. This is a type of test that needs to be conducted if you are selling a product designed to be used outside. UV ray testing is the best way to see how the sunlight and changing weather will affect your product, and you definitely need to conduct this type of tests if you are selling a product that is made out of plastic or organic materials. Ink can also fade under the sun, which is why you should test products with inscriptions on them with this method.

Using UV ray testing will give you a better idea of the longevity of your product and could also help identify any quality issues. Exposure to sunlight can for instance cause cracks or any issues with a product that absorbs too much humidity.

It is very important to put your products through a thorough testing process before you can commercialize it. Some quality issues might eventually disappoint customers or represent safety risks. You might also find that the tests help you develop a better way to make your products.