What kind of tests do you perform on your products? If you use plastic, ink, organic materials or any kind of material that is likely to be affected by sunlight and weather, it is important to perform UV ray testing before commercializing your products.

UV ray testing is a process that consists in exposing a product to high quantities of concentrated UV rays. This test reproduces the effects of years of exposure to the sun in a hot climate. The conditions of the tests can be compared to years of exposure in Florida or Arizona.

This is the best way to see what your product will look like after many years of use in an outdoor environment. You definitely need to perform this test since other types of tests will not show you how well your product will stand the test of time, especially if there are organic materials used or if you sell a product that is meant to be mostly used outdoors.
It is also possible to reproduce different types of environments with humidity and temperature levels. Exposing your product to UV rays combined with high temperatures or high humidity levels will give you an idea of how well your product will withstand more extreme weather conditions.

UV ray testing only takes a few days and will reproduce the effects of years of use on your product. This is an excellent way to find out if there are any quality issues with the materials you use and will also give you an idea of how much use most customers will get out of your product before they need to replace it.

You should look for a lab that offers UV ray testing if you haven’t performed this type of tests yet. This is the most accurate way to assess how long your products will last.