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Why Air Quality Testing In Homes Is Important

There are many things that need to be tested in homes, but many people don’t get the air in their home tested on a regular basis. However, this might be one of the most important things to test and one that will actually affect the lives of them and their family more than any of the others. This is because lowered air quality can lead to a number of different medical conditions, can predispose you to a number of different problems, and can also indicate that there are a number of other problems within the home. Even though many people choose to skip this testing, it is actually quite affordable and can be done quickly.

Anyone who is living in a home with a small child knows that their body and their lungs are still developing and that their environment is extremely important for this process. However, most people don’t know that the very air itself can influence this development and make it so that a child doesn’t reach their true potential in life. This is heartbreaking to consider but is one of the truths that parents need to confront when they are looking for the cause of health problems with their child. Getting the air tested and then identifying problems with the air can give a child a better life and ensure that they do better in sports and other activities when they are older.

Adults can also be at risk of damage to their lungs when they are living in a home with less than perfect air quality. This is often the cause of lung damage later in life, especially for people who haven’t smoked and have been careful to stay away from visible irritants. Older homes are much more likely to have issues and to have been made with materials that are a threat to their health. In addition, older homes will often hold in toxins, such as cigarette smoke or drug residue from the people who lived there before, releasing them over time. We recommend air duct cleaning by a professional, which rids the air vents in your home of dust that accumulates from the circulated air generated by furnaces and air conditioners. Reduction of dust, allergens, and other pollutants can significantly improve air quality.

Finally, an air test will be able to find materials, such as asbestos that can cause serious damage to human health. A test is also one of the best ways to look for black mold and damn air that can make a home impossible to live in. After living in a home for a few years, many people won’t even consider that the walls or the ducts are harboring toxins that will damage their health over time. Even homes with perfect maintenance should be tested as problems can develop in areas that are not visible to the human eye.

Overall, a cheap air quality test should be done in most homes every few years. Most of the time it will show a few different problems that can be corrected and that may actually save the home from other problems in the future. This type of test should always be done before moving into a new home as you can never be sure what the owners before were doing in the home.

UV Ray Testing So Your Materials Don’t Get Damaged

UV ray testing can help you to see if the materials that have protection from these rays will hold up. You don’t want to just trust that this kind of protection is going to be there and able to work without some way of testing it.

Testing is not too hard, all you have to do is expose the material to UV rays and then check to see if there are any problems. You can work with a weathering test if you have access to the rigt machinery to do so. It’s more or less about taking the right conditions and then applying them in full force and then some to your protected materials. If they fail then you know that you need to add more protection to them and if it takes a lot to make them fail you then will know how long they should last. (more…)

What Kind Of Issues Can UV Ray Testing Detect?

UV ray testing is a type of test that consists in exposing a product to concentrated UV rays to reproduce the effects of years of weatherization. It is also possible to use temperature and humidity to recreate different environmental conditions, including extreme weather. These tests are important because they can be used to detect a number of issues.

Plastic can sometimes crack due to weatherization. UV ray testing will show you how many years of exposure your product can go through without the plastic to crack or become brittle. It can nearly replicate the travel of time in an accelerated fashion.

This type of tests can also show you how much humidity is absorbed by your product. A product that absorbs a lot of humidity will not last long, and this is usually a sign that you need to use higher quality materials.
Weatherization can often cause damages to the coating of a product. The coating will typically start peeling, cracks may appear and the coating can fall off in some cases. UV ray testing will show you how many years of uses customers can get out of your product before the coating becomes damaged.
Fading and yellowing are other common issues caused by sunlight and weather, especially with products made from plastic or organic materials. UV ray testing will show how noticeable the fading is after years of use. (more…)

The Advantages Of UV Ray Testing

What kind of tests do you perform on your products? If you use plastic, ink, organic materials or any kind of material that is likely to be affected by sunlight and weather, it is important to perform UV ray testing before commercializing your products.

UV ray testing is a process that consists in exposing a product to high quantities of concentrated UV rays. This test reproduces the effects of years of exposure to the sun in a hot climate. The conditions of the tests can be compared to years of exposure in Florida or Arizona.

This is the best way to see what your product will look like after many years of use in an outdoor environment. You definitely need to perform this test since other types of tests will not show you how well your product will stand the test of time, especially if there are organic materials used or if you sell a product that is meant to be mostly used outdoors. (more…)

Why Is UV Ray Testing Important?

Testing a product before selling it is very important since this is the best way to detect any quality issues. Testing your product’s resistance to shock or humidity is fairly easy, but how can you measure your product’s resistance to weather and sunlight?

The best way to see how long your product will last outdoors and how well it will withstand the elements is to use UV ray testing. This method consists in exposing a product to highly concentrated UV rays thanks to special light bulbs. Different types of bulbs can be used to create a wide range of conditions and simulate years of exposure to sunlight.

Some labs can also create different conditions by using temperature and humidity to simulate the changing weather. This is a type of test that needs to be conducted if you are selling a product designed to be used outside.¬†UV ray testing is the best way to see how the sunlight and changing weather will affect your product, and you definitely need to conduct this type of tests if you are selling a product that is made out of plastic or organic materials. (more…)

What Is UV Testing?

How will your product stand the test of time? The best way to make sure that your product is going to meet high quality standards and will satisfy customers is to go through a series of tests. It is fairly easy to conduct tests to see how well your product will withstand shock. However, exposure to sunlight and weather is more difficult to test.

It is possible to see how exposure to sunlight and to the element will affect your product, thanks to a process known as UV ray testing. It is not possible to reproduce the exact conditions your products will go through over the years, but exposing a product to high quantities of UV rays is the closest you can get.
UV ray testing can be done on a wide range of products, including plastic, organic materials or ink, since these materials are more likely to become damaged as a result of weatherization. Special UV ray bulbs are used to see how sunlight would cause fading, peeling, cracking and other issues over the course of many years.

Temperature and humidity levels can also be adjusted to create different environmental conditions. This is a good way to see how the combination of sunlight and weather would affect your product over the years, especially if you are selling a product that is meant to be used outdoors.

If you have products to test for weatherization, you should look for a reliable lab that offers UV ray testing. Find out more about the bulbs and other equipment used to conduct the tests and ask what kind of products this lab has experience with. You should also ask if the lab can use temperatures and humidity levels to create different environmental conditions. Conducting this type of tests is important since you will get a better idea of how well the products you sell will stand the test of time.

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